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I've been interested in the Aviation industry my whole life, father was an Air Force Col. had my SEL since I was 17.  Would love to get a job in the Aviation Industry but on the Infomation Systems side of that house.  I've been a computer Network / Systems admin person for 28 years working in all the postions involved with that industry.  Since Aviation is well into the computer age (glass panels and such) was looking to fill both interests and get into computers in the aviation industry.  Where would one start?


Richard Jones


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I believe vey stronglly that you can function well as avionics engineer  Richard,  especially the cockpit  designing aspect


Hey thanks Mustapha, I'll do some searches for that position on my job sites..



Investigate avionics manufacturers, repair shops, installers, flight simulator companies.

Quit working for other people making them rich and start your own company.

My experience is that aviation mechanics is not easy to stay in business aviation are replaced quickly because ...... it is not easy getting a job with stability in the country of PERU eg why one seeks to emigrate to other countries where if ofrescan opportunity to work and have stability.


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