The NTSB has issued a recommendation re flight tracking:

NTSB Makes Safety Recommendations To Law Enforcement Agencies, NM Officials

Follows Probable Cause Report From A Fatal Accident Involving A Police Helicopter


While the NTSB's probable cause report from an accident in 2009 cited a New Mexico State Police pilot's decision making as the primary cause for an accident which fatally injured two and seriously hurt one, the board also had some harsh words for the culture of the police department which it says stressed mission execution over safety. As a result, the board on Thursday issued a series of recommendations to several organizations in an effort to prevent a repeat of the accident.

Recommendations sent to the Airborne Law Enforcement Association include a revision of standards to define pilot rest and ensure that pilots receive protected rest periods that are sufficient to minimize the likelihood of pilot fatigue during aviation operations, as well as accreditation standards to require that all pilots receive training in methods for safely exiting inadvertently encountered instrument meteorological conditions for all aircraft categories in which they operate.

The board said the ALEA should also encourage its members to install 406-megahertz emergency locator transmitters on all of their aircraft, and  install flight-tracking equipment on all public aircraft that would allow for near-continuous flight tracking during missions.


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Could it save your life? - for sure - one day - but then, its the other dummies who crash, isn't it?

The real reason pilots are picking up spiders is because they're just plain more fun! - a new toy, and its great to show your friends where you've been and where you are. - Surprisingly addictive....


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