So what does HangarChat have for Businesses?

As a business involved in aviation - the pressure is on to remain in constant contact with your customers whilst still gaining new ones. With HangarChat you can let them see inside your business with pictures, videos and updates - all with the click of a button.

On HangarChat you can:

  • Set up a group to promote your business.
  • Invite your customers to connect so you can easily stay in touch
  • Get direct feedback on your products and services
  • Let your customers know what's going on, so they come back to visit you more often
  • Reach your exact target market with various Advertising options


Its now so easy to connect and interact with all of your customers and gain new ones.

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About HangarChat
HangarChat is the leading social network specifically designed to bring together
the global aviation community through connecting and sharing experiences,
knowledge, photos, videos, events, opportunities and more...


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"HangarChat is the leading edge for Aviation Social Network"
Obie Young
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