Anyone looking to have pilots accompany them on trips where a second pilot is helpful?

if you do then post your requirements here and see if anyone can come along for the ride.

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When available, I would love to fly as a second pilot in a rotorywing aircraft. I am currently at 1353 hours and will be available around the end of August, all of September 2011 out of my home airport, Corpus Christi, Texas.
I have a Comm A-SEL & MEL and am available to fly anything, anywhere, anytime with 24hrs notice.
With advance notice I would like to help out! I am commercial/ instrument rated in helicopters, single and multi. Total time 1300. I'm out of Central Florida and South Florida.
I am a Commercial Helicopter Pilot and CFII.  I'm currently flying tours in Florida and looking for ways to build time.  Email me anytime @ or I can be reached @ 702-526-9892.   
I'm looking to build hood & XC time if anybody in the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) area is interested.  The Cessna 152 I'm flying costs $70/hr wet.

WOW that is DIRT CHEAP! I wish there were that kind of rates down here in Fort Myers, I would fly every day, even if the 152 flies like a bubble ;-)

Second try...


Possibly open to a female-companion-pilot for a trip from northern Nevada to Uruguay in my old Mooney, via Caribbean, Brazil, etc.  Current plan is to depart mid-December and arrive mid-January.  No plans for a return so you'd need to make your own arrangements or consider staying down there.

I dont know if that's the right page to post, but I am actually a pilot looking into trips to go along.
I have 456 hours in helicopters including R22, R44, EC120b and B206L4. I am CHP, CFI and Instrument rated, also I fluently speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

If anyone is interested in a second pilot or a ferry pilot, please contact me for details.




Jeff Pereira

T. Shannon Buckley, I'm repositioning an R44 from Coventry to Kemble next week, join me if you like.

I am a student heli pilot based near Wellesbourne.  I am trying to build time ontop of what I allready pay for at flight school.  Also trying to pickup "experience" from as many pilots as humanly possible.  If anyone has an empty seat that they dont mind filling, please drop me a line.  I greatly appreciate any time in a rotorwing.  I am only a student but I have passed air law and I have done my first solos.  Currently working on Navigation and Meteo.

Always looking to get to ksop - Pinehurst NC.  Grandson and daughter live there.  Can go almost any time.  216.533.8290  40 year pilot.


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