Does anyone have experience of putting Advertising Decals on Helicopters?

Hello there,

A little project I am working on requires temporary decals on the side of a helicopter for the purpose of advertising. Any advice on what should I look out for?

Are there any places your would suggest not putting advertising, e.g. underside. If so, for what reason?

Any recommendations of companies you've used in the past to print and fix them.



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Go to a good graphics shop and they will do the design and then apply it to the aircraft. Be careful not to put on near the exhaust and also where it will cause damage if it comes off (ie tailrotor on a heli)


Hey Nick, I actually have my decals printed for me and I place them...great guy and good prices ....Gary "the signman"

561-795-5926 or 561-602-8877, he makes it so easy to install!!

Good Luck!


peel and stick and to remove use hairdryer....peels off easy and no damage to paint

Hi Pam - 

Thanks for the suggestion. I will get in touch with "Gary the sign guy".


A little trick I learned when applying big decals is to spray the area with a little windex before you put the decal on.  It'll let the decal slide a little bit so you can get it placed perfectly.  Then use a squeegee to get most of the liquid out from under the decal.


It will take a bit of time to dry and completely stick to the helicopter, but makes the installation much easier.

Hi Mike -

That's a hot tip! Thanks so much for suggestion. 


You're welcome.  The other benefit to this technique is that you don't get air bubbles under the decal.  Post pics when you're done!
Will do!
Nick, did you find what you needed? If not,we can help you out with that! We recommend using Airgraphics for design and renderings. We haved worked with them for many years and highly recommend them! There website is Tell them that Midwest Aircraft Refinishing suggested them.
Talk to any air ambulance operation.  They are nothing more than flying billboards in most areas.

Presumably your concerns will have been addressed already, given the timeline.  But for the benefit of general information, others might like to consider these points:

*     first, you may need to shape your decals if the application area is spherical.  This can be really tricky and is best left to those in the industry.  Confident and able Do it Yourselfers, however, can use a blowdryer to shrink the decals to the shape of the surface.

*     ensure that the surface area to which decals are to be applied are squeaky clean.  A mild, general cleaner to remove loose dirt followed by an alcohol- or spirit-based cleaner ensures that any dust and/or oily residues are removed from the area of application as much as is practical.

*     Mike indicated below to mist the area with Windex to permit the decals a little wiggle room once affixed.  Important thing is that as little as is required be used.

*     if, after you squeegee the water and air from under the decal you find that little bubbles are formed under the decal after a few days or weeks the natural reaction is to pin-prick the bubble to let the air escape.  BIG mistake.  If there is air trapped and it is not a major crises, leave them alone; otherwise, work them out to the sides of the decal if you can but do not punch holes in your decal.  Air will, eventually, get in more successfully than it stays out and the decal is likely to begin to lift, ruining an otherwise successful application.

*     allow the adhesive a day or three to cure.  This is not to say that you can't fly, but avoid touching, rubbing, or otherwise stressing the decal in that time period.

Safe flying.  Have a Bermudaful Day.


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