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Eastern Avionics opened it's doors in Batavia, New York in 1981 providing local Avionics Sales and Installations at Genesee County Airport.  By 1995, Eastern Avionics had become a major player and that same year became the first Avionics Company on the World Wide Web introducing pilots all over the world to internet Avionics shopping.   We also became a major player in Trade-a-Plane with our dominant "double truck" display advertising.   In short, Eastern Avionics became the business model for many of the major general aviation avionics companies you see today!

So ... where did Eastern Avionics go?


In 2007, Eastern Avionics was purchased by the Aviation Partners Group and became APG Eastern Avionics.   The new management came with the goal of expanding our capability to the Corporate/Charter aircraft market, a concept that made sense to all of us.  At the same time, the company, in it's move towards the larger aircraft minimized our marketing efforts towards GA, backed out of Oshkosh and Sun & Fun and reduced our exposure in Trade-a-Plane.   We made no special effort to inform our thousands of customers that Eastern Avionics was now ... APG Eastern Avionics.  The result is that many former Eastern Avionics customers thought we just went away! 


The bottom line is that Eastern Avionics is now APG Eastern Avionics!  Nothing has changed except that we now do have that expanded capability in the light to medium jet market.  We just completed our first GoGo Wifi installation in a Citation 560 Corporate Jet.


If you thought that APG Eastern Avionics was gone and you were a former customer ... come back and see us!   We still are, to quote the Aviation Electronics Association in 2006, "One of the Biggest and One of the Best!" Thanks!


I would love to hear your Feedback?


Bob Hart, Senior Avionics Consultant

& Marketing Manager

APG Eastern Avionics

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