easyJet is looking for Pilots to join the team. Embrace the possibilities with easyJet!

Embrace the possibilities with easyJet

We’ve grown a lot in the last few years. Today, from our 28 European bases we fly more than 245 aircraft on over 800 routes in 31 countries across Europe. As a result, 71m passengers flew with us last year. 

These are some pretty impressive numbers. They’ve made us one of the biggest success stories in aviation. And we’re looking to go much further.

Today we’re looking to fly even more routes, and take more passengers to more places, than ever before. To do this, we don’t just need new planes; we need new people too. Lots of them. In particular, we’re looking for 450 pilots to join our talented team.

We know that finding this many people won’t be easy, so we’re stretching out beyond our European network to find the talent we need. In particular, we’re taking our search into the Middle East. We’ll be holding recruitment events in Doha and Dubai in early July, and we’re looking for Captains with ambitions of working in Europe. Whether or not you’re A320 type rated, we’d love to meet you.

Our growth is opening up a world of opportunities for a whole generation of travellers – and our own people too. So embrace the possibilities, and see how far you could go.

Apply here: https://express.candarine.com/campaign/url/forward/1f7c7e2da90c

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