Hi, folks:

I'm in the process of buying an LSA located at KSAF.  I plan to fly the airplane home to California upon completion of the deal.

I'd would love whatever input y'all might have about this trip.  I've flight-planned it in relatively short hops - Santa Fe - Gallup - Winslow, Prescott, Lake havasu for the night, then Palmdale, Harris Ranch and finally Concord KCCR.  I plan to start out at first light each of two days and try to be on the ground by about 1300 local as I know the winds really get brisk in the afternoons in the desert.

Here's what I've thought of already:  Personal Locator beacon (406MHz GPS rescue beacon), water, space blanket & fire starter stuff, handheld radio, mirror, couple days worth of food.

Any other thoughts?  Valleys to see.  Places to avoid.  All comments gratefully accepted.


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