I am working on my Instrument, Commercial, and CFI ratings and am hoping to find someone to split costs with or rent an airplane from at a decent rate. I have 127 hours, complex and high performance sign-offs, and have flown mainly Cessna 172s, 182s and Piper PA 28s.

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did  you  get  anyone am also looking  call me if need be 386 265 9777 am based in daytona beach 

Come to Fort Myers sometime and we could split the cost of one of my flying club's airplanes. The rate for the 172SPs is $112 per hour wet. I like to do a lot of flying to Key West, Everglades, and Venice. I have flown to PGD and SRQ as well, so am familiar with the instrument approaches there. Commercial rated and Instrument current. More than happy to serve as a safety-pilot or vice-versa. I'm shooting for the 500 hour mark to be eligible for hire under part 135.


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