My son will be attending beginning this Fall. He'll be arriving in Daytona Beach next month.

Do any of you have personal experience with ERAU or suggestions for his summer activities, in addition to getting settled in his apartment?

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Hey Joule, 

Sorry for the delay.

Your son is going to enjoy his time at ERAU! It is a wonderful university with so much to do. As far as summer activities, ERAU's Department of Student Activities & Campus Events does a great job informing incoming students about all the groups and organizations on campus. There are numerous of opportunities to get plugged in, depending on his major and interests. The main suggestion... is get involved!!! Have him go to the link below to get a better look at the groups offered on campus.

He is going to have a blast!! Hopefully this addresses your concerns.


I am a student of ERAU's worldwide campus located in Ft. Lauderdale and I love it. The staff down here and at Daytona have been the most helpful of any institution I've attended. As for what your son can do, I would suggest he locates a job ASAP if needed, then go to the school gym and try to make new friends. Will you son be attending ERAU with the intent of becoming a pilot?

Adam Toombs

Flight Life

Gulf Coast Avianics and Flight Life - Thanks for your responses!


- Do you have any specific suggestions about locating a job for my son?

- Re his career goals, he most definitely is planning to become a pilot. He has been leaning toward a Commercial Airline Pilot career path; however, he is open to all his options. He just completed his first college degree -- a BA in Philosophy, and ERAU has accepted a year of transfer credit. In part, I believe, because he's not right out of high school, he has acquired not only a good picture of what he wants to do, but also a healthy dose of realistic expectations coupled with high hopes for his future. He wants to keep his options open, and absorb all the good influence and guidance that ERAU has to offer.



Adam (cont.): Tevyn is enrolled in the College of Aviation, Aeronautical Science major.


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